"I bring many unique assets to my clients from my diverse education and work experiences. I have a Master of Arts degree in Anthropology with an emphasis on Industrial Archaeology & Museology from California State University, Sacramento. My first Museum training came in 1977 as a member of the research staff for the California State Railroad Museum in the restoration shop.

I spent 13 years as the Director of the Churchill County Museum & Archives in Fallon, Nevada. My varied experiences included recruiting and training volunteers, development and training of two non-profit boards and grant writing, as both a museum professional and later as a consultant.

Since 1995 I have been a Editorial Consultant and Grant Writer. Some of my Clients have included: Sparks Heritage Museum, City of Sparks, Churchill County Museum Association, LoPier Books, Natural Solutions, Maggy Anthony, Llumina Press, Virginia City Publishing Company and others. Beginning in 2008 I no longer write grants so that I can dedicated my time to Editing.

I led the development of a non-profit organization from conception and incorporation, through fundraising and construction as founding Director, Chairman, Construction Chairman and then Operations Director of Fallon Community Television, Inc., a non-profit PBS affiliate. "


Sharon Lee Taylor

How Can I Help You As a Personal Editor?

As a Personal Editor I will help you see your book become a reality. Working step by step with you and one of numerous inexpensive POD (Print On Demand) Publishers, you will become a published author. Llumina Press is one of my favorite publishers.

I No Longer Write Grants, Choosing To Concentrate On Writing & Book Editing!

What Do Some Client's, Grantor's and Business Associates Have to Say?

The late Rollan Melton in a letter of reference:

   "I shall always remember how she galvanized the Churchill County Museum & Archives from day one, bringing it to the top among Nevada rural institutions. It needs to be emphasized that she works well with colleagues. Sharon has a pleasing manner. She utilizes a participative management style impressively. "

   "Sharon is a superb grant-writer who persuades through impressive marshalling of facts, and graceful use of language."

Walter Cuchine,
Eureka County Facilities Director:

   "As I went to work for the White Pine Public Museum in Ely, Nevada, Sharon was always willing to help me in developing the museum and working with the volunteer board of directors to make the museum all that it could be."

Carol Ruth Coté, former Treasurer and
Founding Director of Fallon Community TV:

   "Sharon guided a small group of dedicated volunteers through the very complex steps to achieve our goal to bring quality television to residents [of Churchill County] who did not have access to cable. The success of the project was certainly due to the experience, knowledge and grant writing abilities of Sharon Taylor, and she made it fun!"

Bunny Corkill, Research Curator,
Churchill County Museum & Archives:

   "Now, eighteen years later, I can still feel her support and strength behind me as we work on each new issue [of the journal In Focus]. She gave me one of the greatest opportunities of my life … a job that I love … but most important, she made me believe in myself. … She was a great mentor."

Lois Graves, Board of Trustees,
Sparks Heritage Museum:

   "It was a pleasure working with Sharon. Her museum expertise greatly influenced the development of the museum."

Jane Pieplow, current Director
of the Churchill County Museum:

   "Sharon's ability to work with volunteers is still evident in the present day volunteer workforce at the museum, as a number of people who are still involved with museum activities were recruited by her many years ago."

Sondlo Leonard Mhlaba, PhD.,
author, educator and attorney:

   "I want to thank my editor, Sharon Lee Taylor, who helped me to improve the flow of my ideas and the overall quality of the book. I'm also grateful to her for giving me confidence in my ideas simply by her interest in the work."


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